Weinstein and the lack of budget: what was the first version of “The Lord of the Rings”

The Polygon portal featured material about an early version of Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings, which could have consisted of two films. It all started after working on Heavenly Creatures, when Jackson and Fran Walsh made a deal with Harvey Weinstein and started doing Scares for Universal. Later, Jackson said that he regretted his decision, but agreements had already been signed.

For the sake of Strasheel he had to make concessions to Weinstein, who then worked at Miramax — the producer believed that, temporarily letting the director go to Universal, he gave him& great service . In the process of creating a new tape Jackson and Walsh began to work on their fantasy, but constantly returned to Tolkins material.

As a result, Jackson asked Weinstein find out who the rights to The Lord of the Rings belong than the producer and took up. The latter went on to tell the director that they would create three films — The Hobbit and two tapes on The Lord of the Rings, thereby providing hundreds of jobs in the studio special effects WETA.

Weinstein has struggled to beat out the rights to the material from producer Saul Zaenz, with whom they previously worked on The English Patient, having broken up not under the most pleasant circumstances. One difficulty was the attempt to exclude Zaenz from the production process of future paintings.

In parallel, Universal, happy with The Scares, began offering Jackson a remake of King Kong, which he had long dreamed of. Another 20th Century Fox beckoned the author with its Planet of the Apes relaunch.

But in the end, the director chose Kong. In response, Weinstein went into a frenzy, striking a cunning deal by which he became one of the films producers and, somehow, the owner of the screenplay of Shakespeares Lover.

But Universal still managed to get Jackson again, although the latter promised Harvey to do The Lord of the Rings right after Kong. And then The Scares failed in the rental.

Universal in response to this instantly cut Kong and rolled all the developments on the project. To this point Jacksons firm was engaged in the production of the film, and their simplicity nbsp; yanked out of the process.

As a result, the director had no choice — he returned to Weinstein, taking up The Lord of the Rings. At first, Jackson and Walsh tried to adapt the material as two films — for the most part due to lack of choice.

Weinstein was willing to spend only $75 million, and on both paintings together. Later, New Zealand playwright Stephen Sinclair joined the production, with the help of which the authors created two screenplays, Fellowship of the Ring and War of the Ring.

Wholethe process took about 18 months, and in the end everyone came together on the same thought — theres no way they want to do these movies with Harvey Weinstein. Harvey and his brother Bob did not understand the original material and did not particularly believe in its success, considering it only as a new Jackson project that could bring them money.

In addition, they did not tell the author that the amount of 75 million appeared due to their agreement with Disney — the producers could not make the film for much money. As one of the methods of escape & raquo; from the producer, the authors chose to drain scripts to interest them other studios.

Then the documents fell into the hands of the author of the original Polygon essay Drew McWeeney, who in that period worked on the site Aint It Cool — Jackson had connections with this portal. The drain was arranged so that later all participants could leave without severe consequences.

No one named sources, and the site was not asked to hide the information. According to McWeeney, the texts already had the main points and themes of the trilogy (the importance of Sam in the plot, etc.

), but the general feeling when reading was as if the story was told on speed one and a half. The plot had no time for moments of calm, and character development was often lost in the comfort of time.

In particular, this concerned Gollum. Some ideas existed in an early form — initially the intro for the story was read out by Frodo rather than Galadriel.

And the first of the two films was completed after Sam, Frodo and Gollum met with the Nazguls. In addition, early versions featured many songs and road ballads.

Eventually Weinstein set a condition for the authors that they refused to fulfill — to release one film instead of two with a timekeeping of four hours. After the refusal, Jackson was offered to find finance somewhere else, but with the condition that Weinstein would receive all the bonuses owed to him for the time spent.

Weinstein was berated that Jackson and Walsh did not consider him the primary boss and were considering other proposals. In general, we can say that Harvey thought he had been offended.

According to the estimates of the studio WETA, the creation of two paintings had to take 150 million dollars at least. When McWeeney himself read early scripts, he did not believe that these films could be made at all for any money.

Not to mention $75m. But in the end the road led Jackson and his co-authors to New Line Cinema, whose representatives decided to take a chance and give the screenwriters more creative freedom.

According to McWeeney, the attitude of local producers were completely different from Harvey — they appreciated the material and understood its potential. Whats more, they were excited to expand this fantastic world.

In addition, during this period, the studio wanted to move to a new level in Hollywood – andthe project just happened to them by the way. Therefore, they approved the production of three films, the latter of which particularly helped in Gollums development.

In addition, it was at this stage that Entov and Saruman added to the tapes, at the same time revealing many minor characters in more detail. According to McWeeney, if the adaptation was published in its original form, it would resemble the film adaptation of the Golden Compass – summentary and at the same time callous.

three films on The Lord of the Rings have forever entered the history of cinema. And they are once again re-released into rental.

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