Weird West creators revealed half-hour passing game

Studio WolfeYe hosted a broadcast of the Weird West role-playing action film. The developers showed the demos and commented on selected game aspects. In Weird West, we have to find ourselves in the realities of the mythical โ€œWeird Westโ€ and build our own in them own history.

The action film will not be a full-fledged role-playing game: there is no open quest structure, no characteristics, the dialogs are in general simple, and all fights take place in real time. In doing so, we can choose which style play, and once after time make important decisions shaping history.

The game will respond to our actions at times not in the most obvious way: for example, if we decide to just kill a key character, we will โ€œaskโ€ the game to be posse. Weird West coming out on Steam this fall.

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