Werner stands with armpit sideline, Premier League fans all ready with the VAR

The VAR is making itself less popular in England week after week. Timo Werner seems to turn Chelsea on 0-1 against Liverpool, but the party of The Blues is not going on after the lines come out…

Not long after that it will still be 0-1 via Mount, but in England they are finished with the VAR. A few of the reactions:

Moment you realize you have to talk about VAR again! Smh… pic.twitter.com/1fWhsXRSXQ
โ€” Nigel de Jong (@NDJ_Official) March 4, 2021

Ill say it again, level is no longer onside, and the game is worse for it.
โ€” Gary Lineker รรฟ
โ„ข (@GaryLineker) March 4, 2021

รรฟยคยขรฐรฟยคยฎ VAR IS ABOUT https://t.co/rZZVeli2K9
โ€” รโ€œ ยบ Wait For It… รฐรฟยฌ (@__ND8) March 4, 2021

VAR is killing football. pic.twitter.com/Q7zzKifHSE
โ€” FutBolBible (@FutbolBible) March 4, 2021