Western countries call President Tunisia to respect democracy

Several Western countries have called on Tunisian President Kais Saied to respect the country‘s democracy and constitution. Saied left parliament offside Sunday and fired the Prime Minister. In his own words, he did so because of massive protests in response to the dissatisfaction with the corona policy and economic situation in the country.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken called Saied last night. He told him that he must adhere to the โ€œprinciples of democracy and human rights, which form the basis of governance in Tunisiaโ€. He also needs to โ€œstay in conversation with all political leaders and the Tunisian peopleโ€.

Saied became an independent candidate president in 2019. The anger of many Tunisians focuses on government and Islamist Ennahda, the largest party in the government.

France, the former colonizer of Tunisia, has also expressed itself. Saied must โ€œrespect the rule of law and bring institutions back to normal as soon as possibleโ€. The President says that his action under the Tunisia Constitution is lawful. He relies on Article 80, which states that he may intervene in the event of โ€œacute dangerโ€.

But not everyone is convinced of their lecture. Germany speaks of a โ€œfairly broad interpretation of the Constitutionโ€ in response, although Berlin does not come with a harsh conviction.

Tough to mobilize

Opponents contest Saied of a coup d’รฉtat. Hundreds of protesters demanded the parliament building to reopen the parliament. In doing so, they succeeded with protesters who support the president. Stones were thrown over and over again.

Saied sharpened existing rules. The curfew was early to 7pm. Together with more than three people are prohibited. The last night went quietly, saw journalist Fairouz Ben-Salah, who lives in Tunis. โ€œI also think it stays pretty quiet. I haven‘t seen any further calls for demonstrations. The population is divided, so it’s hard to mobilize many people,โ€ she said in theCCEIT Radio 1 Journal.

Saied is expected to announce today who the new Prime Minister and Ministers will be.