Western diplomats berate Irans attitude to nuclear consultations

Negotiations on restoring the nuclear agreement with Iran are extremely difficult. This is what European and American diplomats say after a five-day round of talks in Vienna. The negotiators will probably continue to speak after the weekend.

Delegations came together for the first time since June on Monday, when Conservative President Raisi came to power in Iran. They are meant to agree on a restart of the 2015 nuclear agreement, which has not been respected by Iran since the US withdrew from it under President Trump.

What about the Iran deal? We explain:

After the first day of negotiations in Vienna, hopeful sounds were still sounded, but they seem stupid by now. In a joint statement, German, French and British delegates say that Iran is making unrealistic demands and returns from previously concluded compromises.

The US Minister Blinken, not present in Vienna himself, is also disappointed. According to him, Iran does not seem to seriously intend to come to a solution. โ€œIf this turns out to be a dead end, we‘re considering other options,โ€ he told journalists. Blinken didn’t explain what he meant by that.

Iran is more laconic about the outcome of five days of negotiation. According to the Iranian chief negotiator, his interlocutors simply need time to accept the Iranian proposals that should take the โ€œillegal and cruelโ€ sanctions against the country off the table.