Western sanctions for Russian leaders to fate Navalny

The European Union has for the first time imposed its new human rights sanctions. It punishes the Russian Attorney General, the head of the so-called Investigation Committee directly under the President and investigating major criminal cases, the head of the prison system and that of the National Guard for prosecuting opposition leader Aleksey Navalny and the deposition of protests. The Americans are also taking action.

The foursome are no longer allowed to travel to the EU and can no longer use money outstanding in Europe. Similarly, Europeans can no longer give them credit or do business with them in other ways. Probably, the US government is imposing similar sanctions on them.

The EU countries decided to punish all four last week. To prevent them from scrapping their money away or taking other precautions, their names remained officially secret, but they had been doing the rounds for days.

The United States has also imposed sanctions on seven high-ranking Russians for poisoning opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. An American intelligence report says that the Russian government is responsible for the poisoning. The US is saying that they are not yet announcing who is being imposed on the sanctions.

‘Unfair conviction’

Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, Guard Commander Viktor Zolotov, Chief of the Federal Prison Service Aleksander Kalashnikov and Head Aleksander Bastrikin of the Investigation Committee have a share in the unfair conviction of Navalny to years of penal camp , believes the EU. They have also hardened the peaceful protests against it. In doing so, they have violated freedom of assembly and association and freedom of expression.

Navalny has previously been declared guilty of defamation and has to pay a fine of EUR 9500. The politician had criticized the Internet against compatriots who spoke in a video message for constitutional changes that the Kremlin wanted to implement. He called them โ€œtraitors.โ€

The prosecutors had demanded a fine of 950,000 rubles (10,700 euros) because Navalny would have offended a 95-year-old veteran from the Second World War. The court picked up 100,000 rubles there.

Criminal Camp

The well-known critic of President Vladimir Putin has recently been imposed in a penal colony in a separate criminal case for 3.5 years. That sentence of which he has to serve for two years and eight months, was confirmed earlier on Saturday, although the judge withdrew six weeks from that Navalny had already spent under house arrest.

In the podcast ‘Het land van Wierd Duk’, Cceitreporter Wierd Duk discusses the western view of Russia and opposition leader Aleksei Navalny: