What about that basic scholarship exactly?

What happened?

Why was the basic scholarship ever devised and how does it work?

To be able to go to primary or secondary school, you or your parents dont have to pay anything. The government ensures that you can go to school, because you have compulsory school until you are 18. But that changes after you have completed your final exam.

After all,

you have to pay for your studies yourself, with tuition fees. That costs thousands of euros per school year. And are you going to study in another city? Then you may go to rooms and you also have to pay rent. So studying is quite expensive.

Therefore, before the basic scholarship came in 1986, studying was only possible if your parents had enough money. Students then were angry about that and regularly demonstrated to be able to change the system.

That was successful: politics agreed with the students that everyone should be able to study, whether you came from a rich or poor family. And so came the basic scholarship: every student got money to pay part of the study costs.

Why was the basic grant abolished?

So, between 1986 and 2015, there was a basic grant and then… the House of Representatives abolished it and a loan system came up. But why?

Had a few reasons: the main one was that it saved a lot of money. Because the economy in the Netherlands did not go well in the years before, there was no money left to make higher education better. By deleting the basic stock exchange, the cabinet suddenly left a lot more money. The intention was to spend that money on making colleges and universities better. What really happened to that money Ceit 3 was looking out before.

In addition, parties such as GroenLinks, the PvdA and D66 supported the idea, because they found the loan system to be fairer. After all, a basic grant gets everyone, including people with rich parents. With the loan system, you only get money from the government if your parents earn little. And because the government saves money, everyone can get better education, the idea was.

Why is it coming back now?

But a few years after the loan system came, D66, GroenLinks and the PvdA regretted. They noticed that in practice, young people from families with less money went to study less often because they were afraid of debt. In the end, these parties also found that they noticed too little of what had happened to the money saved.

Because the VVD wanted to keep the loan system and that party was the largest in the cabinet, it remained for a number of years. But when making agreements about a new cabinet at the end of last year, the VVD gave up the loan system anyway.

Help, Im already studying or want to go to college next year. And now?

So the basic scholarship will be back from school year 2023-2024. Are you already studying and therefore having a student debt or do you want to start studying next year? Then youll have to keep on borrowing next year.

But you do get compensation. This means that you can get a sum of money per academic year that you fell under the loan system. Its probably about 350 euros a year. And from 2023, the basic fair will be just there for you too.

But why does it still take until 2023?

Cant the basic scholarship just enter from September 2022? No, say DUO (the organization that will arrange your basic grant) and the Ministry of Education. This must also be amended in the law. To amend a law often takes over a year because many people have to look at it. It also has to be voted on in the House of Representatives and Senate whether all the details are exactly the way everyone wants. When the law is finished, we can also start putting it in our system, says DUO spokesperson Tea Jonkman.