What do you think of the 1.6 million that Amalia is going to receive?

Currently, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix are the only three members of the Royal Family to receive an untaxed benefit from the state. From 7 December 2021, the then 18-year-old Crown Princess Amalia will also receive an allowance. She can count on EUR 1.6 million on an annual basis.

Princess Amalia will turn 18 on 7 December 2021 and will then be entitled to a benefit from the State, just like her parents and grandmother. The benefit that Amalia will receive will consist of two parts, an income part of 296,000 euro and 1.3 million for personnel and material expenses.

Material expenses

Material expenditure is, for example, for the maintenance of the vehicle fleet, such as cars and horses. As well as the running costs of palaces, such as heating and lighting. Fauna management and ICT costs also have to be paid with this. ICT costs include auditing, consultancy and facility costs such as office facilities.

The amount of this allowance and any price adjustments have been determined by law since 2009. Every year King Willem-Alexander receives 6 million – of which 1 million is an income share -, Queen Máxima over 1 million and former Queen Beatrix 1.6 million. Amalia will therefore be added to this list next year.

Free of tax

The Crown Princess will receive her first grant (EUR 111 000) in December 2021, the month of her 18th birthday. This means that in 2021 there will be a total of €8.9 million in allowances for the members of the Royal House. The allowances are also untaxed, which means that they do not have to pay any wage and income taxes.

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