What is climate and climate change exactly?

Its often about climate change lately, but what exactly is it?

The climate is slightly different from the weather. The weather is about a moment, for example, a day, and you can say: the weather is rainy today.

The climate is over a period of 30 years. Over all these years, an average of all weather information will be calculated. That average is the climate. This allows scientists to see if the climate is changing.

Climate change

The climate is always changing a bit. For example, the Netherlands has also been under a thick layer of ice, about 12,000 years ago. But those changes are always very slow. Now thats different. Over the past 150 years, the climate has changed super fast.

That has to do with CO2. That is a gas that is released when coal, oil and gas are burned. Man started burning that about 150 years ago. To run machines, heat houses and to drive cars.


More and more fuel was being used. The CO2 that was released has stuck in the air around the Earth. There it works like a blanket of sorts. Its warming up the Earth. And as a result, the climates on Earth are suddenly changing a lot faster than before.

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