What the deputy of Minister Kaag means for the formation

The Parliamentary elections were March 17 th. That‘s exactly six months ago today and there’s still no view of a new cabinet. The departure of D66 leader Kaag as Foreign Minister may be able to give a pendulum to the formation. That should be clear over the weekend at the Zwaluwenberg estate.

The formation has been stuck on the mutual relations for months. Even forming a minority cabinet seems tricky at the moment. Because the two winners of the elections, VVD and D66, both want to go in a different direction and the atmosphere between Rutte and Kaag didn‘t seem to be very good.

The question now is what her departure as Foreign Minister means for relations between them and for the formation of a new cabinet.

The boarding of Kaag is yet another incident in this formation period, which began on March 18. A week later, a photo of explorer Ollongren read the notes she held under her arm: โ€œPosition Omtzigt, function elsewhere.โ€

VVD leader Rutte initially denied talking to the scouts about the critical CDA MP. But that turned out to be the case later. It earned him a widely supported motion of disapproval of coalition mates D66 and CDA.

When this played in early April, Kaag put things on edge by saying that she would not continue with a motion of disapproval on her pants herself. โ€œBut I’m a different person.โ€ She made clear that Rutte remained as Prime Minister was at odds with her ideal of โ€œnew leadershipโ€.

In her early this month‘s H.J. School lecture, Kaag put another scoop on top of it. Without explicitly mentioning him, she criticized Rutte. โ€œLeadership is the opposite of controlling and rustling without vision for me,โ€ she said. And about himself: โ€œSometimes I feel like I’m on a different track from my opponents and colleagues in politics.โ€

New Attempt

The new informer Remkes is going to make an attempt to get a shot in the case this weekend. He takes the party leaders Rutte (VVD), Kaag (D66) and Hoekstra (CDA) to the Zwaluwenberg estate in Hilversum, where they can get closer together in peace. It would not be the first time a stay outside The Hague has helped a formation forward.

D66 leader Kaag seems to feel like it in case. โ€œI‘m going to go on as a group chairman and hopefully make a new cabinet. We’re going to form. Even more time,โ€ she said last night after she resigned as minister.