What Vitesse did here in Zwolle for 60 minutes, we didnt succeed at PSV for one minute

PEC Zwolle booked his first win of the Eredivision season on Saturday and converted on Tuesday after a 4-1 win at De Graafschap. Trainer Art Langeler is delighted to notice that PEC‘s atmosphere is finally starting to change.
According to Langeler, the life of footballers and trainers is ‘
best simple‘, the trainer tells us through the official PEC channels. ‘Loss entails a week of whining, negativism and chagrin. Winning means everyone is positive, eagerly awaited for the next game, and everyone walks through the stadium whistling. Since preparation, this is the first week that the latter has been the case, and I have to say that is very happy, ‘says Langeler writes in his section Art.
PEC has tanked trust in the competition by pushing PSV to the limit and defeating Heracles. ‘
We just didn‘t manage to play this right’, Langeler, however, is suffering from the 3-1 defeat in Eindhoven, after PEC had been ahead of almost the entire game. โ€œWhen the 1-1 fell, we were unable to regroup. What Vitesse did here in Zwolle for sixty minutes, we managed less than one minute; kill, slow down and temporize the race. It‘s a shame because taking a point from Eindhoven had been great. However, the profit against Heracles made up for a lot. ‘
Before another international period comes, PEC will have two more chances to go through the right line and get rid of the last spot in the Premier League. A away game against AZ is scheduled on Saturday, November 6th SC Cambuur will be coming to Zwolle.