‘What we used to rarely or never see is that massive jumping at one rhythm ‘

The KNVB should investigate all Dutch stadiums to prevent drama from happening with collapsing stands. Thats what Dutch stadium expert Erwin Pakasi says. Although he stresses that the constructions of the Dutch stadiums are generally safe, he thinks that changing supporter behaviour has not been taken into account in construction.

โ€œWhat we used to see rarely or never saw is that massive jumping at one rhythm. You dont expect that if a stand is jumped like that, the concrete beams breakโ€, says Pakasi in conversation with De Cceit. And so, according to the stadium expert, rapid research on the dynamic load of stands and stadiums needs to be done.
โ€œIt is wise to make analyses through rapid scans and building drawings reading, and samples if necessary. This must be driven by the KNVB,โ€ said Pakasi, who wonders whether there is a construction error or an incident in the Goffertstadion.
โ€œA container has been placed under the stand. Did the crane that lifted this container hit the stand balustrade and has a crack formed? Thats going to have to show. At least we do not have to deal with traps in the Netherlands. Most of the stadiums are only 20 to 25 years old,โ€ Pakasi concludes.