Whatever the Tour de France can do, the Sinterklaas entry can do too, cant it?

He‘s coming, he’s coming, that good dear Saint… We shouldn‘t know where, but yesterday the NTR reported that the entry of St. Nicholas will – subject to small reservations – ‘simply‘ be broadcast on 14 November. Even though there will be no excited children with happy faces along the side by then. In this way the junk sails against the current. Because more and more municipalities are announcing that they will skip the entry of Sinterklaas this year. Corona throws a spanner in the works. VROUW colleague Marjolein wonders why: Surely the Tour de France has continued?

They are cycling themselves the snot of the nose. Or something like that. I interviewed Leontien van Moorsel several times. And then I wrote down her life story in a book (The ride of my life, ed.). Since then I know that cycling is of vital importance to some people. And so, despite these coronation times, the Tour de France just started.

Summer sports

I think it is fine. I have nothing at all to do with sports programmes, but who am I to deny others their pleasure? That whole sports summer that the fans had been so looking forward to had already fallen into the water. No European Football Championship (or was it a World Cup?), no Formula 1 in Zandvoort, no Olympic Games… I understand very well that it’s to cry if you like nothing better than admiring the sporting achievements of others.

So boys on the pedals together. Keeping a good distance, testing, testing, washing their hands until they are broken. You know the rules and then we just hope for the best. It‘s an outdoor event, so in principle it should be possible. It’s a pity that there shouldn‘t be an audience at the finish line, but it takes some adaptability to let things go on in times of corona. Adaptability and creative thinking will go a long way. If you want… And the sports fan will. Watching cycle races, football matches on television and endless discussions about both. Fine, I’ll read a book.


But who doesn‘t want to: the organisation of the Sinterklaas events… Sinterklaas is not entering Amsterdam this year. The mayor has cancelled the case. With corona as the ultimate excuse: ‘Sorry, I have to cancel our appointment; I‘m coughing a bit’ Too bad, Sinterklaas can‘t come this year. Too many singing children…’ Really, Mrs Halsema, is that what you are afraid of? Or does it have something to do with the pietenheisa? I understand that you are getting tired of all this fuss. I have been for years, but do children now have to suffer as a result? And following that decision, the St. Nicholas will not arrive in many more places this year. Hundreds of St Nicholas committees are already throwing the tabard in the ring. Because corona… And how is that to be done?

But if the Tour de France can be organised that crosses the whole of France, shouldn‘t there also be possibilities for the St Nicholas procession in the Dutch villages and cities? Come on now, ask some creative thinkers. If necessary, consult the organisers of the cycling tour. What they can do, can’t you? Just do your best. Once again this year, countless ‘conceptual thinkers’ have graduated from various art academies. Write out a competition if necessary. But don‘t leave all those religious children out in the cold! Mummy, when will St Nicholas arrive?’ ‘Well er… That was a bit tricky for the men and women of the congregation. So he’s not coming this year. Better next year. And good news: your foot will have grown again by then. You can put a bigger shoe in which you can put a lot more peppernuts. Isn‘t that a party? You have to do something, as a parent.


Pity child, but no Saint’ may rhyme, but personally I don‘t think it’s an option. For the time being, therefore, for my own peace of mind, I am assuming that the NTR will keep its promise and will also broadcast the national Saint Nicholas news bulletin – from 9 November to 6 December. Fortunately, the broadcaster promises in a statement: The Sinterklaasjournaal will follow the experiences of Sinterklaas and his poofters on their way to the Netherlands and in the run-up to package night

But I will hold on to my heart for a while. No Sinterklaas newsreel would be a missed opportunity after all. I only have to think of how great my own awe used to be for the benevolent man and I immediately wash my hands until the sheets are hanging. If the Saint had asked me that… Boys, where is the disinfectant soap? I am sweet for an hour.