Wheelchair ban and fines: Bazaar Beverwijk wants to open again

The Beverwijk Bazaar wants to reopen the closed market halls quickly and is therefore taking a number of measures. For example, halls will be separated from one another, businesses will be relocated and mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and pushchairs will be prohibited in narrow places. NH Nieuws writes that these are aisles narrower than five metres.

The plan will be discussed tomorrow with the municipality of Beverwijk, which suddenly decided to close a number of market halls more than a week ago. Insufficient distance was kept in the halls.

According to spokesman Mariska Roos of the Bazaar, diversion routes will be set where possible. This way disabled visitors can still get to their seats.

One-way traffic

“We also live in a strange time, where public health and existing rules sometimes clash. So we have to choose between closing the hall or diverting people via a different route”

In places where there is enough space, disabled vehicles will continue to be allowed and one-way traffic will be set up. There will also be a maximum number of visitors per hall. They will be counted at the entrance. The halls will close if it gets too crowded.

Mouth cap

Furthermore, it will be compulsory to wear a mouth shield in all the halls. Anyone who refuses, risks a fine of 50 euros.

Other measures include creating an additional outdoor terrace, erecting tents on the outdoor area during the flu season, and deploying fifty Bazaar employees to enforce the rules.