‘When what everyone had foreseen happened, Ajax pulled its hands off Ihattaren. ‘

It is no surprise that Mohamed Ihattaren has also failed to make his career smooth at Ajax. This is what Sjoerd Mossou says, who is very critical of Amsterdammers in his column in the Algemeen Dagblad.
Mossou states that Ihattaren entered the cup final less than six months ago. โ€œIt was the most embarrassing change of the year, even then. A clearly overweight Ihattaren was allowed to raid the Kuip in the final phase, intended as a sad provocation to PSV, the club that trained him‘, says the reporter.
Although he had a revival during the preparation, the twenty-year-old playmaker also failed to climb out of the valley at Ajax. ‘
At Ajax, they have already silently said goodbye to him‘, thinks Mossou. ‘The Amsterdam club has been trying to shut the subject to death for a while now, head in the sand, waiting for Ihattaren to quietly return to his employer Juventus. Somehow, that is also understandable. Attracting Ihattaren was a wild bet in January, based on a combination of arrogance, profit and an almost unimaginable ignorance.โ€
โ€œThe latter is perhaps the most poignant thing about the Amsterdam stunt with Ihattaren,โ€ continues Mossou, who insists that anyone who worked longer with the player had predicted this failure, although with pain in their heart. โ€œIt is not without reason that a complete army of specialists took care of the young football player at PSV for years.โ€ Mino Raiola also joined Ihattaren in Italy. โ€œSooner or later, all these people drew the same hard, but simple conclusion: mentally unsuitable for top football.โ€
Ajax decided to take the gamble after all. โ€œBut when exactly what all his former supervisors had already foreseen happened, Ajax pulled his hands off the football player. Sad, in every conceivable sense of the word,โ€ says Mossou.