Where’s the blue on the street? The district cop doesn’t see

โ€œ We have to disappoint people. After a clean report, for example, of a stolen bike, a case is not considered. That is difficult to explain and not good for trust in the police.โ€

In Capelle aan den IJssel, local agents Niels de Jong and Tijs de Vries are the face of the police in their neighbourhood. โ€œThe strength is: always be there and show your face. Then you are ahead of the problemsโ€, says De Vries.

According to Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus, there has never been so many police, but in practice the local police, both started in 2005, notice little of that. โ€œThey now count students to the police strength. But they‘re still partly in school. That gives a crooked image,โ€ says De Jong.

Their work is under increasing pressure. Due to the cuts in health care, community agents must also assist in emergency calls and provide assistance to confused people. That’s at the expense of real police work.

โ€œ Sometimes we can‘t even be in the neighborhood. And so don’t track drug crime or catch crooks either.โ€

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