White House: no support for vaccine passport system

The government of Joe Biden will not support a system whereby people have to declare their vaccination status. A spokesman will let you know on Tuesday. In America, controversy has arisen over the idea of vaccination passports.

There have been โ€œlots of questionsโ€ lately, confirms a spokesman for Biden. โ€œLet me be very clear: the government does not support a system in which Americans carry their vaccination status. That will not be the case in the future. There won‘t be a federal database. And no compulsion.โ€

However, she knows the ‘wishes from the business‘ to open society. โ€œOn this, I can say that the law and privacy of Americans must be protected.โ€ The White House will soon promise more information on the aspect of privacy and discrimination surrounding vaccine passports.

In the United States, there is a lot of fuss about the vaccine passport because of the belief that it creates a dichotomy. Critical professors Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford University) and Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University) wrote Tuesday in an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal that vaccine passports are โ€œa means of compelling vaccinationโ€ and โ€œprolonging lockdownsโ€ instead of being a way to to open society, while from a health point of view they would not contribute much. Vaccines are needed for the vulnerable, but not for everyone, they write.

The WHO also rushed on Tuesday through Director Mike Ryan that it does not support vaccine passports to enable travel, especially since some countries do not have access to vaccines at all. This statement followed consternation in the US, where this subject is also dealt with along the ideological dividing lines of Republicans versus Democrats. Florida’s red governor, Ron DeSantis, threatened to block all corporate initiatives this week.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the discussion is also raging. Jona Walk, recently graduated in vaccine immunology, and physician-microbiologist Bert Mulder stated in the medical journal Medisch Contact that vaccination is an individual choice and that โ€œyou take the vaccine not for each other, but to protect yourself.โ€ Also UVA professors Aart Nederveen and Lukas Stalpers wrote earlier in De Cceit that a vaccine passport ‘leads to an irresponsible division in society’.