Who am I? returns with Caroline Tensen

The program Who am I? will soon return to RTL. The presentation will once again be in the hands of Caroline Tensen, who led the program in the nineties seasons.

Who am I? was one of RTL‘s biggest ratings hits with Caroline Tensen and team captains André van Duin and Ron Brandsteder. In the quiz, two teams of BN’ers have to guess who or what they are.

The program was later presented by Tooske Ragas and Wendy van Dijk, but the success of the first few series was never matched. Ruben Nicolai and Tijl Beckand are supposed to return as team captains. They also performed these functions in previous series.

RTL could not say on Monday evening whether André van Duin and Ron Brandsteder will also participate in the new episodes. It is not known when the new series will start.