Who are Ada and Ey-Kamon? How Testronic translates names to Disco Elysium

Testronicteam, entrusted with the Russian localization of last years sensation, the role-playing game Disco Elysium, continues talk about the process of working on a complex and large-scale translation. And this time the story came about the translation of some of the names. For the beginning, the interpreters explained that the heroes of the game actually speak French, and therefore all names should be read in French rules: for example, Eugène, not “Eugene” and Evrard Claire, not “Evrart”. To convey all the background and character of the heroes, translators had to resort to circuitous maneuvers: for example, Kuno sometimes calls himself the Cuno, and the analogue was found — Kuno™. And a couple of characters had to be renamed completely. The name Egghead arose because the DJ is a big fan of DJ Arnaud van Eyck. So in Russian he will be called Ai-Kamon, like the overrun “Eikoman.” And Joyce Monsieur, a strict and business lady from the yacht, turned into Ada: otherwise it was difficult to use what her full name is Rejoice, “jubilation”. At the moment the Russian translation is ready for 62%.ALARM! ALARM!62% on the degree, translators literally fire!! pic.twitter.com/GQ5JZS13JH— Like Disco Elysium, but in Russian (@DiscoElysium_ru) September 23, 2020 More on Igromania In the world Microsoft Flight Simulator will change Japan: the first Aquanox Deep Descent update is released on PC on October 16 Dystopic Platform Puzzle Seed of Life will be released in 2021