WHO: end of pandemic in Europe may be in sight

โ€œIt is possible that the region is moving in the direction of a pandemic endgame.โ€ Thats what Belgian Hans Kluge of the World Health Organization WHO says about the corona pandemic in Europe.

Due to the omikron variant, the corona pandemic has entered a different phase. Kluge, WHO is director of Europe, says in an interview with French news agency AFP that โ€œonce omikron disappears, there will be a period of widespread immunity for many weeks and monthsโ€.

WHO Director Kluge on the near future of the pandemic in Europe:

According to Kluge, that immunity is due to the vaccinations and the many infections. There will also be a lower susceptibility of the virus due to seasonality. Kluge expects that around 60% of Europeans experienced an infection with the omikron variant by March.

Manageable as flu

โ€œWe expect a period of rest before covid-19 returns by the end of the year.โ€ He says he assumes that this will no longer be in the form of a pandemic, but that corona will be endemic and manageable, like the flu.

He bases his expectations on the course of the relatively mild omikron variant which has been proven to generally make people less ill than the delta variant. He does keep some blows around the arm. โ€œThis virus has surprised us more than once, so we have to be very careful.โ€