Who is Joe Biden and what are his plans for America?

What happened?

Who‘s Joe Biden?

Maybe you knew Joe Biden (77) before the election craziness started. That’s possible, because he was Vice President under Barack Obama. That‘s a substitute for the president.

Biden comes from the state of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Delaware and obtained a law degree. First he worked as a lawyer for a few years, then he went into politics. He started out as a councillor and quickly climbed higher. Thus he became increasingly known as a politician.

Biden wanted to be president of the United States for a long time. He tried it for the first time over twenty years ago and again in 2008, but the last time he lost the primary to Barack Obama. He chose Biden as his running mate, so Vice President.

It has been exciting for a long time, but now Biden has won the presidential election and is the oldest American president ever. That record was first on Trump’s name.

What are Joe Biden‘s plans for America?

We will explain this to you on the basis of a number of important topics that are currently playing in America.

And now?

Just like in the Netherlands, the plans Biden has also had to be done by the House of First and Second. In America, this is called the Senate (the First Chamber) and the House of Representatives (the House of Representatives). There are Republicans and Democrats in there. How difficult it is for Biden to get his plans through that depends, among other things, on how many Democrats there are in the House of First and Second. At the moment, we don’t know that.