WHO: more corona vaccinations in Europe than infections

The number of people in Europe who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus is now higher than the number of detected infections. This was announced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) regional leader.

Director Hans Kluge said on Thursday that 462 days ago the first coronavirus cases were detected in Europe. Since then, according to the WHO, 5.5% of the population have contracted the virus, while 7% of Europeans have now been fully vaccinated.

The WHO counts more than fifty countries as part of Europe. These are EU Member States such as the Netherlands, but also countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Approximately 51 million infections have been registered in the region, of which nearly 1.37 million have been reported in the past week.

Kluge claimed that a total of approximately 215 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Europe. About 16 percent of the population would have had at least one dose. Of most coronav vaccines, two doses are administered for maximum protection.