Who said Spielberg? An algorithm has been created that predicts future crimes

Artificial intelligence has long been able to create what used to be considered science fiction. This was once again proved by scientists at the University of Chicago: they created an algorithm that can predict crimes a week before they are committed. upload data on thousands of previously committed crimes into the system: murders, robberies, assaults, break-ins and hijackings.

After that, the algorithm, dividing the city map into squares, reports with a 90% success rate what will happen in a certain area. The mechanism was tested in a number of cities: Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco.

Everywhere, the algorithm analyzed the temporal and spatial coordinates of individual events and found patterns for predicting future crimes. The description is strongly reminiscent of the film โ€œSpecial Opinionโ€, directed by Steven Spielberg in 2002 based on a short story by Philip K.

Dick. However, the creators of the algorithm do not think that it should be used to prevent crimes.

They worked on the crime prediction mechanism primarily to show the bias of the US police and the resulting inefficiency. According to their observations, in rich areas, crime outbreaks generate a wave of arrests, and as for poor areas, this pattern is not observed there.

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