“Whos got a gun here?” : trailer for the film “Werewolves Inside” by game Ubisoft

The network has a trailer of comedy horror Werewolves Inside, which was based on the VR project Ubisoft 2016 release. The story tells the story of strange residents of the town, who in a snow storm find themselves locked in one hotel. And outside also wanders a monster that destroyed the generators.

The two main characters have to not only establish order, but also to calculate the culprit of what is happening – after all, he can be much closer than it seems at first. The production was directed by Josh Ruben (Adam spoils everything) – the premiere in the Russian rental will take place on July 1.

However, already the 2 number of the film in the original should appear on digital platforms. More on CCeit Russian sandbox Black Skylands goes into early access June 11 All aging abruptly on the beach in the trailer of the thriller Time by M.

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