Why did Metro Exodus authors change Artems blood type?

Fans of the book series โ€œMetroโ€ Dmitry Glukhovsky are perfectly aware of what blood type Artem has: โ€œA (II) Rhโ€, the second with negative rhesus. However, in the game Metro Exodus, the hero suddenly has a completely different blood type: the fourth positive. At first glance, it is a lyap that says that the screenwriters inattentively read the books.

But they actually had a good reason to make that change. It will take minor spoilers to explain it.

In case you are still afraid of spoilers to the plot of Metro ExodusNear the end of the game, Artem‘s affairs are not the best way, and he needs a blood transfusion to save his life. Blood needs a lot, and if he had a โ€œbookโ€ blood type, inevitably there would be problems with donors.

But the developers made Artem a โ€œuniversal recipientโ€: he the blood of any crew member is suitable, the main thing is that the rhesus coincides. Thus, they add value to every life next to the hero: if he saves and protects them, then they will save him.

This year the Metro series celebrates its decade. Studio 4A Games is set to release Metro Exodus on the new Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles.

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