Why didnt the creators of Little Nightmares never release City of Metronome?

In 2005, during the E3 exhibition, a group of Swedish students presented a trailer for their project. The unusually grim, emerging game was called The City of Metronome, and the Tarsier studio worked on it. At that point, she has not yet released LittleBigPlanet Vita, Tearaway Unfolded, or Little Nightmares.

In her failed debut project, the developers were going to send us to a dark city, which the Evil Corporation managed to create a world building machine. But it took workers to maintain the machine itself and look after the lined areas, and they were created by sucking the souls out of children.

Nine students wanted to change the world and the game industry, create project with โ€œcool gameplay, a better world, and an exciting story. โ€ But they didn‘t really understand how to make a โ€œnext-generation adventure action in which sound is your weaponโ€ .

Demo version of the game made a sensation during E3, but after the exhibition ended no suggestions were made to the developers. Only after gamescom did they manage to meet with Sony representatives.

The company never took up the game, but the developers came to her liking, and after a while they were entrusted to port Rag Doll Kung Fu to PlayStation 3. However, Tarsier was not going to give up City of Metronome.

The studio did a new demo version, and never showed it to anyone. It saw the main problem of the game: the basic mechanics of recording and playing sounds did not make it interesting and self-reliable.

The idea is that you try use sound instead of other types of action, and it should always be cooler than all those other activities, right? If you want to make it a weapon, then essentially it functions like a shotgun, but feels like a clumsy version of a shotgun. It’s hard to think of something that makes this reception worthwhile.

Otherwise it‘s just a ruse masking the rank-and-file button click. Tarsier StudioThe moment when developers realized they couldn’t properly embody their own ideas became a turning for the project.

The head of the studio is confident that, using their youth and huddlock, they could still bring City of Metronome to release, especially if the publishers pressed them. But then they would have to change the sound-based gameplay design to something more traditional.

However, the debut idea of Swedish students never died. Her tracks are seen throughout Tarsier Studios games, particularly in the Little Nightmares dilogy: the noms differ little from metrognomes, and instead of a protagonist named Ten, we have Sixth.

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