Why the Tour is the safest cycling race on paper

The Tour de France, the world’s biggest cycling race, starts today. On paper, the Tour is the safest of all races: there’s a lot of money to deploy policemen, mark street furniture and polish the last pebbles of the road surface in the morning.

With the recent falls of Fabio Jakobsen during the Tour of Poland and Remco Evenepoel during the Tour of Lombardy in mind, the question arises: what are the dangers of cycling and when is a course safe? CCeit op 3 explains it to you:

After the accidents of recent weeks and the subsequent criticism from cycling teams, the International Cycling Union UCI has indicated to improve safety in cycling races.

“We cannot tolerate that the accidents are often the result of a lack of respect for safety measures“, the union says in a statement. “There have been too many serious crashes recently. The UCI knows the riders are angry. That’s why we’re working with the riders, teams and organizers to reform the safety measures.”