Wiebes: ‘austerity support package is not the hand’

It is not the hand that the Cabinet will continue with the planned austerity of support packages for entrepreneurs in the New Year. But the Cabinet will not finally make a knot about this until next week, says Minister Wiebes (Economic Affairs).

The trade unions and employers already call not to put all the cutbacks in the support package from January, now that the economy has been partially locked up again due to the partial lockdown. Wiebes seems sensitive to the call from the polder: โ€œI can see that austerity is not very obvious at the moment.โ€

This summer, the Cabinet decided to set the third aid package for nine months: from 1 October to 1 July. This plan also included an ever further austerity of the aid. For example, from January onwards, the eligibility threshold will rise. And the percentage of wage support a company can receive is also reduced.

According to Wiebes, the question whether the cabinet is prepared to remove these


from the aid is still waiting to be seen. โ€œGiven the consistency with how the virus develops, we need some time to do so,โ€ says the Minister. โ€œThat virus is more persistent than we had hoped for. We thought wed have a little more insight into what could happen in the next month.โ€

The cabinet wants to announce next Tuesday whether the corona measures can be relaxed, so that there is also a little more possible during Christmas. There will also be a communication on the aid package. The partial lockdown is scheduled until mid-December. In the cabinet, there is more and more dreary about less stringent corona measures.

Decrease is disappointment

The decline in infection rates has stalled considerably in recent times. Coronaminister De Jonge said last week that a relaxation for the holidays has become on loose screws. Wiebes is also pessimistic. โ€œThe drop in the virus is dirty disappointing.โ€