Wiegman does it: England European champion after nerve-wracking final at Wembley

England has won the European Championships for Women in its own country. Sarina Wiegman‘s team needed an extension against Germany, but after 120 minutes of play, the homeland reached the longest end: 2-1.
Prior to the tournament, the English were already considered favorites for the European Championship win. However, Wiegman’
s team had to deal with a strong Germany in the final. The game really came loose in the second half. Germany was getting stronger and stronger, but the opening goal fell on the other side: Ella Toone hitched the ball after a long trip over goalie Merle Frohms: 1-0.
Immediately afterwards, Germany became dangerous again with a ball on the pole. Wiegman‘s team also had a hard time after the 1-0 and that ultimately resulted in a deserved equaliser: ten minutes before time, Lina Magull brought joy to the Germans.
In the end, both teams still got some chances, but that no longer resulted in goals. As a result, an extension had to be made at Wembley. In the first half, the game waved up and down, but great opportunities were not created. That was actually the case in the second half of the extension, until Chloe Kelly got the ball in front of her feet from a corner. The attacker had no doubts, turned 180 degrees and tapped England on a 2-1 lead.
Kelly and the other English obviously couldn’
t beat their luck. The Germans still had ten minutes to force a late equaliser. However, England played out the game maturely, keeping the European Cup in the British country.
For Wiegman, winning the tournament is a nice crowning glory in her work. The Dutch coach left the KNVB a year ago to forge a top team at England.