Wife discovers that her husband resells healthy lunch from home

In a post on the popular blog Reddit, a woman explained how she discovered that her husband ate a lot of fast food at work, and resold the lunches made for him with love to a colleague. โ€œI noticed he didn‘t react when I asked if it was good.โ€

The couple was not too broad financially and therefore wanted to save money. The breadwinner would now go to work with a healthy lunch. Made by mistress.

But the man, meanwhile, just kept ordering the fast food in the cafeteria at work. The healthy sandwiches from home? He sold it to a colleague. No one notices.

Until one time he came home with a friend. โ€œWe sat at the table and his colleague started talking about the sandwiches I make for my husband and how tasty they are. I thanked him and then he said that they are a bit on the expensive side,โ€ says the woman, whose story goes viral in American media.


Assured she immediately asks for clarification. The colleague honestly says he buys the sandwiches, the other man denies first. When the colleague leaves, the two will have a spicy discussion about it. According to the man, who has now admitted his actions, he does nothing wrong. The canteen food can be paid from home lunch and therefore no extra costs will be incurred. โ€œHe demands an apology and found it unacceptable for me to be angry about it. I told him I won’t make any more sandwiches.โ€