Wijdemeren insists on recovery in ‘shopping affair’

The municipality of Wijdemeren maintains the decision that a resident who received messages from her mother must pay back more than 7000 euros of assistance.

The case led to a lot of public and political outrage in December because the congregation would โ€œpunishโ€ the woman for helping her by paying her groceries. She received assistance but stated that she had high fixed charges.

Based on Nibud data, the municipality estimated the value of the messages because the woman herself did not want to provide information about them. She then went to the court, who gave the congregation the right. Because of all the fuss, the municipality decided to review the file again, but the College has now decided that the recovery of the aid is a just decision.

Expensive car and motorcycle

The anonymous woman received benefits and surcharges since 2015. In 2018 it turned out that she had hardly spent anything on living. However, she bought a car โ€œfrom the more expensive segmentโ€ and a motor, according to the municipality. Nor did she tell you she had been abroad. People who are in the assistance are obliged to report a stay abroad and changes in their income and assets.

โ€œ Everyone is free to decide for themselves what you spend your money on, but that cannot be at the expense of expenditure for which the assistance is intended, namely the cost of living,โ€ explains the College of Wijdemeren.

According to SP-MP Jasper van Dijk, there is talk of โ€œmisplaced fraud hunting and hard recoveryโ€. The SP believes that there should be a national exemption from donations up to, for example, 1500 euros per year.

The woman appeals against the decision of the court. As long as she serves, she doesnt have to pay back anything. It is not known when the court will rule.