Wijnaldum: They blamed me, I didnt feel loved by the fans

Georginio Wijnaldum has not always felt supported by the fans at Liverpool. The Oranje-International, which transferve-free switched to Paris Saint-Germain, states that social media criticism hit him.
โ€œYes, there was a moment when I didn‘t feel loved and appreciated,โ€ Wijnaldum confesses in conversation with The Telegraph. โ€œNot my teammates, or the people on Melwood (the training complex, ed.). I know about them that they love me and I love them. It was the other side,โ€ he presumably refers to the board and owners of Fenway Sport Group.
Wijnaldum did not agree with The Reds on a new commitment. Not all Liverpool fans understood that. โ€œI have to say, there was also social media. When things went bad, I was the player they blamed. They said I wanted to leave. But every day โ€” at training and in the game โ€” I gave everything. Liverpool meant so much to me. The fans at the stadium supported me. She and the social media fans seemed like two different things.โ€
โ€œThe people in the stadium gave me a great goodbye,โ€ the midfielder continues. โ€œEven when they knew I was going to leave, they were behind me, but on social media I got all blamed. There were times when I thought, โ€œWow, if they knew what I’
m doing to keep fit and play every match.โ€ Some players in their last year take no risk, but I gave everything.โ€
Wijnaldum does not remain indifferent to criticism. โ€œSometimes I thought, ‘Wow, me again? ‘ We‘re a collective. On the other hand, you shouldn’t complain because it‘s your job. You get paid for it. But I don’t remember a day off. I worked so hard with the physios. I played so many duels, it was actually too much for the body.โ€
Wijnaldum took action in all 38 Premier League duels last season.