Wijndal has been ‘learnt’ at AZ: ‘Think it will be the subtop for him’

Barry van Galen doesnt think that Owen Wijndal will take the step from AZ to an absolute top club. The club icon of the Alkmaarders expects a European subtopper to report for the left-back.
Wijndal has been the undisputed left-back of AZ for two seasons and impresses the Alkmaarders. Coach Frank de Boer also gives him more and more opportunities in Oranje and so according to Van Galen he beckons a next step. โ€œHe has been taught at AZ by now, so it makes sense that you want to take the next step and get to the top,โ€ he says to NH Sport.
However, the former midfielder does not expect that it will come from an absolute top transfer. โ€œI think it will be the subtop. You
re not going from AZ to the absolute top, thats just for sure. For example, a club like Bayern Munich, they dont. They first see whats going on at Wolfsburg, or something like that.โ€
The 21-year-old Zaandammer debuted in February 2017 in the first team of AZ and has played in 69 league matches. He only succeeded in scoring this once: last season Wijndal made a goal against ADO Den Haag.