Wijndal makes left-back discussion Orange up to date: ‘Sit a good head up’

Who should be the regular wing defenders of the Dutch team? The promising appearance of Owen Wijndal against Spain, an opponent of great size, makes the interpretation of the left-back position a topical topic.

Of course, Wijndal is still the well-known swallow, but his performance last Wednesday shows that Oranje has a serious candidate for that place.

โ€œOwen is harassing the federal coach.โ€

Frank de Boer agreed that the AZ player issued his business card, but did not want to say whether this is sufficient for a base place against Bosnia and Herzegovina (kick-off at 18:00). Will it be Wine Valley or Patrick van Aanholt? โ€œOwen has sent out a very good signal and we will see who it will beโ€, the national coach held his cards against the chest on Saturday.

โ€œ Owen had a rusty debut against Mexico and he played a very good match against Spain. He makes it difficult for the national coach,โ€ says De Boer about the choice he will have to make.

The hymn to a novice like Wijndal sounds familiar to the ears. Years ago, many Jetro Willems predicted a great future on the left, but after eleven interlands since October 2016 he is out of the picture with Oranje.

Jaรฏro Riedewald and Terence Kongolo also got their chance on that side, but the Oranjescouts never write their names down again.

Daley Blind has been the most stable force on the left flank since the 2014 World Cup, with Nathan Akรฉ, Tonny Vilhena and Patrick van Aanholt as substitutes.

Unlike Willems, is Wijndal a keeper on the left? As far as former Orange Left Rear Arthur Numan is concerned.

โ€œ I also think that the Netherlands needs a fixed leftback. It has been a little shifting over the past few years, although Blind has been the right man for that position,โ€ says the 44-fold international, who has been through four final tournaments.

โ€œ Whether Wijndal should stand? Of course, thats up to De Boer. I think it also depends on the type of opponent. Blind is versatile and tactically strong, but Wijndal has its power and speed and he showed that against Spain 90 minutesโ€, Wijndal is accused by Numan, nowadays scout for Wijndals club AZ.

โ€œ I personally also like a dynamic wing defender. Theres a good head on him anyway, as you could see from the interview he gave after the game.โ€

Watch below the interview with Owen Wijndal after the end of Netherlands-Spain:

โ€œ It is important for Wijndal that he continues to play a lot and preferably at a European levelโ€, says Numan. โ€œThen he can certainly be a candidate for a base place for the European Championships. And the experience of a final tournament alone can be worth gold to him.โ€

No scarcity

According to De Boer, there will be no shortage of left-back position in the coming years.

โ€œ You have to be complete for that position, be able to defend and attack. Its hard to find, but I think we have plenty of options. We also have Daley Sinkgraven and Mitchell Bakker.โ€