Wijndal reports in front of the camera: Dont you have to tell me, I know that

Owen Wijndal doesnt understand how its possible for AZ to give away the goals this season so easily. The Alkmaar captain is defeated in front of the camera after the lost match against FC Twente (3-1).
โ€œIt wasnt too good no…โ€, says Wijndal in conversation with ESPN. He doesnt know what it was about Thursday night. โ€œI dont know, I dont know… If youre behind 1-0 after thirty seconds, its not really good playing football. And then youll get the 2-0, itll be very difficult.โ€
AZ is no longer part of the Dutch top, says Wijndal. However, he remains combative. โ€œPlenty of boys can carry the team. I think were all trying to do that, but now a lot of things are against. That just needs to be better. Theres a lot of guys gone. But we still have a lot of quality, well be fine again. Im sure that.โ€
AZ is currently in a very disappointing seventeenth place. That was given to him by ESPN reporter Milan van Dongen. โ€œYou dont have to tell me that, I know. Every game is important now.โ€