Wild boar attacks dog in Lunteren: Couldnt go way

A wounded wild boar ran into the village of Lunteren on Sunday and attacked a dog there, to the fear of the owners. The Veluwe four-legged friends have been in strange territory lately since the lockdown leads more and more people into nature. โ€œThat pig ran right at us.โ€

Panic in the centre of Lunteren, writes de Gelderlander after an incident with a wild boar on Sunday afternoon. The beast would have been so excited that it attacked a dog on the street. The boar came to the Luntersch Buurtbosch, possibly due to the increased hustle and bustle in nature, as was the case in the past year. โ€œWith his head down, he ran for us. We couldnt go a way,โ€ says a woman who was out with her blind father.

On the internet images of the boar circulate in the usually quiet Lunteren, between Barneveld and Ede, right next to the extensive Veluwepark. The beast would have visited the town with a bleeding snout. According to Van Harn, the animal was also attacked, presumably by a dog. He says hes increasingly mocking wounded deer or wild boar.

โ€œ I immediately grabbed my rifle to shoot it. An injured animal could pose a danger if it runs towards the highway. The safety of people goes first,โ€ says the ranger against Omroep Gelderland. However, the beast was not found. โ€œIf he shows up in the village again, Ill shoot him.โ€

Dogs on the line

โ€œThe forest is so crowded in coronatijd and everyone takes a dog. They often run loose. Wild animals then panic and flee. Last week, I had to shoot a wild boar and a roe that was injured by a dog bite. People are welcome in the woods, but keep dogs on a leash,โ€ says Van Harn.

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