Wild Gorge in League of Legends: Wild Rift Will Be Elemental

Riot Games said that League of Legends: Wild Rift will feature a lot of exclusive content in 2022. The second season of Guild Competition and new Passes await players. Wild Gulch will be a spontaneous event in 2022.

We are still working on this project, but we already know that four types of elemental dragons will appear in the Ravine. In each game, one element will be more important than the others, which will change the design of the map.

The elements will affect team fights, as well as the review and control of objects. For example, a mountain dragon will change the terrain in the forest.

Killing a dragon will give a certain advantage to the team that committed it. For example, all fighters will get an extra speed.

Also, the creators of the mobile MOBA promised to share the details of the elder dragon in a couple of months. In January, Sett, the boss, will appear in the game fighting pit.

In a months time, players will receive Yumi, the Support Champion, as part of the Yumi Adventure event. There will also be an unknown in Update 3.

1. A new pass is coming soon, which will bring even more rewards.

The main one will be the image of the Defender of Hexpedition Galio. And at the end of January, Teemo, Diana, Xin Zhao, Setta and Tristana.

Note that the first Wild Rift esports season will take place in 2022. There will be eight regions in total.

Local tournaments will be held in each of them from January to May. The winners will meet at Wild Rift Icons, which is scheduled for the summer.

The host country is unknown, but it will be Europe. 24 teams will take part in Wild Rift Icons (8 from regional leagues and 16 from the preliminary stage).

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