Wilders had ‘nice talk’ with Yesilgöz about his tweet

PVV leader Wilders and VVD Minister Yesilgöz of Justice and Security held a conversation together in the department about the tweet of the PVV leader from the end of December. Wilders thought it was without a doubt a good and pleasant conversation, he announced on Twitter tonight. And through the same medium, the minister responded with the words: I liked too! thank you.

At the end of December, Wilders criticized Yesilgöz who, with her dual nationality, would lead the Ministry of Justice and Security. He tweeted: A VVD member of Turkish descent in Justice. And now hope she wont lift my security because they prefer to see me disappear under the grass of course.

The VVD politician then tried to call Wilders, but he didnt answer the phone. She was Secretary of State for Climate at the time and Wilders felt he had nothing to discuss with her.


Wilders tweet and his reaction caused furious reactions to a number of political parties in the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Rutte felt that Wilders had collapsed through a border, he said in the debate on the government statement. Rutte: Here it would be so strong to say once: I should have picked up that phone for a moment, to say to Dilan yoh, that just wasnt that neat of me. D66 group chairman Paternotte thought Wilders should have made an excuse.

It is unknown if Wilders offered his excuse and how the conversation went. Yesilgözs spokesperson says, if asked, that he cant say anything more about the conversation. The spokesperson for PVV leader Wilders has not yet responded.