Willem Engel puts Kaag address online, D66 leader reports

Dance teacher and anti-corona measures activist Willem Engel distributed a tweet this afternoon showing the address of D66 leader Sigrid Kaag. He shared a request for information from the land registry, including the postcode and house number of Kaag.

According to Engel, Kaag has ties to the Open Society Foundation, a foundation of Hungarian-American businessman George Soros who is committed, among other things, to human rights and democratic governance. Given the financing of terrorism and the links with the Open Society Foundation which is also seen as a terrorist organization in some countries, we want to know who his name is on this property, Engel wrote in his tweet. He apologized in advance that its probably private information.

Kaag will file a report against Engel, says a spokesperson for her party. The Virus Truth Foreman says in a response that he does not consider the issue to be declarable. It wasnt about her address, it was about the financial data she might be shielding, he says. Why he shared the address anyway is not clear.

Deleted Tweet

Several people responded angrily to the action of Engel, who has about 14,000 followers on Twitter. They reported him to the social media platform. Engel responded to that by saying that the tweet was not a call for violence or harassment.

Meanwhile, the message has been deleted from Twitter. The account of Engel, who tells deCCeit that he had wanted to post the tweet again but then with a bar about the address, is limited for 12 hours.

Earlier this week, a man with a burning torch walked around in front of Kaags door. That incident was streamed live on social media. The man has been apprehended and the D66 leader has also filed a report against him.