‘Willem II and Llonch breathe a sigh of relief: ‘severe injury’ is very bad’

Pol Llonch has been freed with the scare. William IIs defensive midfielder fell out with a hamstring injury during the 0-3 defeat to Sparta and feared a long absence, but the Spaniard was already training on Monday.
The Brabants Dagblad reports that. Llonch himself expected that he would be offside for a few weeks and he spoke that out after the game with Sparta, but the captain of the Tricolores is already fit and trains along. Next Sunday, if the game against sc Heerenveen just takes place and not be postponed, he would be able to play along.
Willem II himself is in favour of postponing matches without an audience, although managing director Martin van Geel also sees bears on the road. โ€œThe program is already overcrowded. You will then end up playing football at Christmas, New Year, or early January. Then you run into other problems again. In terms of police deployment, in terms of preparation for the second half of the season.โ€