Willem II crosses the line against Groningen in two-faced duel

Willem II left three points in the home game against FC Groningen in the Eredivisie with hanging and strangling. Coach Fred Grim‘s team was initially the parent party, but then had to set up all the sails in order to get a 2-1 victorial over the line.
Willem II immediately grabbed the visitors by the throat and that resulted in the opening target after five minutes. Kwasi Wriedt was able to open the score up close after Dries Saddiki intercepted the ball. The absentee plagued Groningen barely came to Tilburg after that, and after 24 minutes, Wriedt and Saddiki turned the roles around. Now the striker was the declarant and rounded the midfielder: 2-0.
s team made a strong impression and had little to be worried about Groningen, which was fighting back in the second half. The reinstated goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther went wrong by shoving the ball in the feet with Tomas Suslov, who graciously unpacked that gift. Suddenly it was survival for William II, which was pushed back in the final phase. Groningen, however, was unable to force the equalizer anymore.
William II climbs to the tentative fourth place with ten points out of five duels. Groningen occupies a place ten with five points.