Willem ll gives dream start a sequel and climbs to second place

Willem ll has given the flashy competition start a strong follow-up at RKC Waalwijk. Trainer Fred Grim‘s team defeated his former employer in Waalwijk: 1-2. Willem ll is now second in the Eredivisie.
The Brabant derby did not live up the expected spectacle. Chances were scarce and the times William ll broke through nothing was done with it. That’
s why the spectators watched a boring game in Waalwijk. That stayed like that until the rest signal.
Only after did the neutral spectator have something to enjoy when Willem ll got ahead. Kwasi Wriedt shot out of the rebound and that forced RKC to chase. Shortly after Wriedt‘s goal, it was almost 0-2, which later fell through Mats Kรถhlert’s foot.
Really big chances to turn the game into another game remained out for RKC, even though Joseph Oosting‘s team didn’t give up. During the injury time Melle Meulensteen made 1-2 more of it for RKC, but that hit was late.
And so Willem ll climbs to place two in the Premier League. RKC gets stuck in twelfth place.