William II and Fortuna do not come out and have to settle for a point

The meeting between Willem II and Fortuna Sittard did not win a winner. The Tricolores had the most right to win, but had to accept that one good stage of the Limburgers was enough to earn a point: 1-1.
The direction was taken over by Willem II from minute one. The Tricolores played, supported by their own audience, to score a goal and that couldnt be said of Fortuna. The Limburgers barely took any risk and the home team earned a head start. It didnt come there though.
Chรฉ Nunnely and Kwasi Wriedt left a handful of opportunities and Fortuna succeeded in making it to 0-0, which proved to be very important, as Sittard guests started the second half excellently and tested Timon Wellenreuthers reflexes. They proved to be excellent, but not enough to keep his goal clean.
After a deep ball from backward, Tijjani Noslin appeared in front of the Willem II goalie
s nose and the Fortunees simply completed the job, leaving the Limburgers enough for ten good minutes to score a goal. The King William II Stadium was bad, but was soon able to regain. Mats Kรถhlert steamed on the left and found the far corner with a bang.

๐Ÿ˜ After a math ball by Max Svensson, Mats Kรถhlert pops out in a delightful way! ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ“บ ESPN 2 #๏ธ โƒฃ #wilfor pic.twitter.com/ItXvIqeT3v
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 22, 2021

That was the sign for trainer Fred Grims formation to find the way forward with newfound courage and put everything on a winning goal. It didnt fall anymore, because Yanick van Osch managed to keep the Sittard goal clean and because Zian Flemming didnt have the sights on edge on the other hand. Willem II is now third with that one point, but could go down later this weekend. Fortuna is and remains the number fourteen.