William II quickly needs points: ‘Humiliating, unacceptable and amateuristic’

Willem II lost on Saturday night with 4-0 to Heracles Almelo and has to quickly tap out of another vessel in order to be able to maintain himself in the Eredivisie. Pol Llonch knows that, too, who was ashamed of the performance that his team set.
The mental resilience often leaves Willem II in the lurch this season and also in Almelo it was a hit. Llonch cracked hard nuts. โ€œIt was really humiliatingโ€, can be read in the Monday edition of the Brabants Dagblad. โ€œThe fact that we give it away in this way is unacceptable, especially in our situation. I havent seen the team spirit thats been there over the past few weeks. You can lose once, but not like that.โ€
In the first half Heracles scored twice and immediately after rest it was twice hit for the black and white. The Tilburgers let it come over. โ€œTo get good results, you have to keep it at 0-0 for a long time,โ€ Llonch knows. โ€œBut this season, I do not know.. If we get behind, well collapse. What we showed tonight was just amateurish. Really incredible.โ€