Windjammers 2 Authors Introduced Steve Miller and Arcade Mode

Independent studio Datemu, which is working on sports simulator Windjammers 2, announced that in the second part will return well familiar to players Steve Miller. Steve – not the most powerful, but balanced athlete, which will serve both experienced players and newcomers. Its weak side is the range of the frisbee throw, but he catches and skillfully copes with difficult throws on the curve.

In addition, the developers presented the arcade mode. This is a succession of single matches against artificial intelligence with additional trials.

Players who can quickly adapt to different conditions will be able to earn credits for the development of their team in this mode. Currently, the demo version of Windjammers 2 is available as part of the Steam Festival.

It features three playable characters, three arenas and two modes, a duel with AI and online quick matches. The game should come out on Nintendo Switch, Stadia and RS, but it is not known when.

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