‘Windmill disaster for humans and animals’

What everyone who lives at a windmill knew long ago is now scientifically substantiated. Windmills have a serious negative impact on health due to infrasonic and low-frequency noise that it causes, writes Anne Vink.

It causes vibrations and noise that reaches very far and where you cannot protect or isolate you from. And that applies equally to marine life. Whales become completely disoriented, can no longer communicate with each other, get lost and end up in the canal to die. Also, windmills are the reason why dolphins and whales throw themselves on the shores, gone mad with the infrasonic tones.

So we should not put a windmill in the sea anymore. Birds and insects flying to the shreds, their numbers have been severely reduced in a few years. All very worrying.

Why is a windmill green, its pitch black! Moreover, they produce little or no energy, they are heavily subsidized, so it is pure money-eating. Better half turned than whole behave.

Anne Vink,

Moraira (Spain)