Windows 10 support will end in 2025 โ€” apparently due to Windows 11

Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue support for Windows 10 โ€” this will happen on October 14, 2025, just in time for the decade from the launch of the operating system. As the media points out, this is about ending support for all of Windows 10, not a specific version, as was the case before. โ€œNext Generation Windowsโ€ will be officially unveiled on June 24 โ€” as journalists say and Microsoft itself hints, the company will announce exactly a new operating room The system.

Most likely it will be called Windows 11. One of the hallmarks of the next OS is expected to be a completely new interface under the working name โ€œSun Valleyโ€ โ€” it will be done in a single style rather than as now in the prefabricated Solyanka from different Windows.

So far you can only assume, but most likely all Windows 10 owners will have access to Windows 11 โ€” for users this will be the next big OS upgrade rather than releasing a completely new system like it was when moving to Windows 10. More at the Resident Evil Village Games started better than any other game in 2021 in the U.

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