Windows 11 wont support many popular processors

Microsoft revealed a list of processors with official Windows 11 support โ€” an unpleasant surprise was the limitations of iron. Intels processors will only be suitable since the end of 2017 (8000 series and newer) โ€” whether its Core i3, i5 or i7. Owners of the same Core i5-6600 and Core i7-7700 were out of luck.

A complete CPU list can be found on Microsofts website. With AMD processors, the situation is worse โ€” the full list here.

You can check your PCs compatibility with a special utility. What such selectivity is related to is not yet known.

Microsoft, in the presentation, ramped up on the heightened security of Windows 11 โ€” perhaps thats why the list is so limited. I wonder if anything will change by release in the fall.

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