Windows 11s first screenshots are flecked — Start menu will be moved to the center of the screen

Baidus Chinese forum published the first screenshots of Windows 11 — officially the new system will be introduced a week later on June 24. Journalists at The Verge confirmed the authenticity of the illustrations. The main innovation of the next OS will be a fresh interface — its taken from the cancelled Windows 10X.

The Start button and taskbar icons are now centered on the screen, and the menu itself is similar in the current Windows 10 — but no live tiles and with a new one aspect ratio (square, not vertical rectangle) ScreenShots Unfortunately Windows 11 still wont have a common interface style — all leftovers from past OS are not going anywhere. Video with a small demo heres a first look at Windows 11.

Theres a new Start menu, round corners, a new startup sound, and more https://t. co/VDS08QPsl5 pic.

twitter. com/okcyx3tmi— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) June 15, 2021Animation launch osThis is the new Windows 11 startup sound pic.

twitter. com/UQZNFBTaxa— Tom Warren (