Windturbine soap rips GroenLinks: alderman stepped up

A quarrel about the possible arrival of windmills in Weesp, a municipality that will soon merge with the city of Amsterdam, has caused a rupture within GL. Alderman Maarten Miner has immediately resigned his duties.

Also in Weesp plans have been made to install megawind turbines in order to achieve green climate targets. It would be examined whether these could rise in two polders (the Aetsveldsepolder and Bloemendalerpolder).

It soon became clear that the Aetsveldsepolder was considered unsuitable. This area was therefore deleted in May 2020. Because at that time only the Bloemendalerpolder remained, in Weesp there was a violent debate between residents. โ€œThe GL Group takes the view that the energy transition should be broadly behave,โ€ said the GL Groups statement. He announced a motion that the Bloemendalerpolder will also be deleted as a search area for megaturbines. โ€œSupport is an important pillar of our energy transition and the task we face. In recent days, there has been no evidence of this support,โ€ the group states.

Alderman away

GL-alderman Maarten Miner cannot agree with this and therefore immediately resigns his position. โ€œThis motion actually deletes the search area for wind in the Bloemendalerpolder. As alderman on behalf of GL, I believe that my party should have kept this last remaining search area. In my view, the climate is central to GLs election programme,โ€ he glooms in his letter of resignation. โ€œThis has been a reason for me to consider my position as alderman. I have come to the conclusion that I am more principled than the GL Group on this issue. That is not a basis for me to continue together.โ€

The local group states that โ€œMiners position in principle could not always count on agreement within GL, the city council or residentsโ€. The group respects his resignation and will nominate councillor Carin Ogier as successor to Miner.

Storm of protest

Not only in Weesp are currently many concerns of residents about the placement of megawind turbines. Also in Amsterdam there is plenty of resistance from residents, but also from neighbouring municipalities who fear nuisance, shadow or blockages of housing plans due to the arrival of the turbines.